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I've always been one to not disrupt the life that goes on around me. Present but unnoticed, there is something unique and beautiful behind the eyes of my lens that never fails to capture the stolen kisses between two people in love, sweet gestures and warm embraces amongst good friends, and loving family, and smiles that could light up your days for eternity. These are the rawness to life, the realness in it all. This is what love looks like, and it is an honor, through every session, and every wedding day, that I am trusted to capture the story of yours.

half day, $4,400

The Essentials: Wedding day package one

With six hours of photo coverage, an incredible second, and a complimentary engagement session, we are able to cover the essentials of your wedding day journey. From save the date's, to ceremony and toasts, this is the perfect package for those wanting a wedding day bundle without the extras. Click learn more below, to check out what all comes with your wedding Half Day package.

Full daY, $5,100

Allie's Favorite: Wedding day package two

With eight hours of photo coverage as well as everything included in the Half Day package and more, the Full Day wedding offers a bit more flexibility in your wedding day journey. Take a few extra moments for the Getting Ready photos or take a dive into those dancing photos everyone is going to want to have to look back on!

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Complete day,

photography is an art, a poem, an expression. it makes you feel, remember, and relive.

The Extended: Wedding Package Three

The Extended is for those wanting a full day experience in the documentation of their special day. For those wanting full day coverage (ten hours) of photography, three photographers, and a 30 minute studio light portrait session for the bridal portraits before the ceremony, THIS package is made for you! Click learn more below, to check out what all comes with your Extended Day Package!

Note: this package is not being offered in the months of May 2024, June 21st- July 1st, 2024, or July 25th- August 12th 2024 due to owner, Allison Cheng at National's and Olympic Trials for USA Gymnastics, and second shooter John Cheng at Olympic Trials and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.